Cinema Ashby Se Online 4K


ROLFE: Enter your reply here... Sept 25, 2015 16:46:03 GMT -5
jayden : Hey I AM A HUGE FAN OF HEARTLAND Aug 1, 2018 20:11:13 GMT -5
jayden : H Aug 1, 2018 20:11:18 GMT -5
jayden : EXCITED Aug 1, 2018 20:12:35 GMT -5
Ashley/o ozel: I love heartland yay I love horses yay Aug 31, 2018 6:30:28 GMT -5
I am a big fan of a horses .: I am a big fan of a horses . Sept 15, 2018 8:54:26 GMT -5
I am interesting in the Fairfi: I am interesting in the Fairfield stables more Organizate. I am big fan a horses in Fairfield. Sept 15, 2018 8:58:22 GMT -5
bride: hi im bridie and I love you so so much and I have a horse like yours and I like how you and jake barttlet are togther and I love how you and amy are very close and how you don't like much vole stanten I have wach every ep 20 times and you and amy gorgie. Sept 21, 2018 19:12:02 GMT -5
big fan emma watches heartlana: i love u guys your show is amazing ill play horse games and be named copper AMY AND TY U MY FAVERITE but ty cutest hehe bye ty Jan 2, 2019 20:58:39 GMT -5
2542894329: Hey my name isElijah and I will like to visit this summer Feb 2, 2019 21:22:37 GMT -5
2542894329: My email is and my phone number is(254) 289-4329 please call Feb 2, 2019 21:23:51 GMT -5
2542894329: Can we chat can you please call me my phone number is(254) 289-4329 please call me Feb 2, 2019 21:32:50 GMT -5
2542894329: So when can I hear back from you Feb 2, 2019 21:43:07 GMT -5
2542894329: Hey where are you located in Canada in heartland Feb 2, 2019 23:36:55 GMT -5
matthe: dear Ashley staton will you let your monther know that I reall y want to work at biar ridge and I will love to see Ashley ride some day and if I can call val and see if I could work with the horses Ashley but don,t tell amy fleming that I will work with th Apr 26, 2019 20:48:53 GMT -5
matthe: amy fleming iwas thinkthat ive never done this before but okay amy fleming will you marry me amy fleming and try to think about it amy flemingthank you. Apr 26, 2019 20:52:05 GMT -5
kaitlin: i watch your show all the time maybe I can come to the dude ranch in the summer. Nov 29, 2019 14:52:43 GMT -5
kaitlin : you play such a good character but I do need some time with my mom in the I will talk to my mother. Nov 29, 2019 14:54:08 GMT -5
ryder: ty you are the best at motor circles Mar 26, 2020 14:56:43 GMT -5
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